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building the healthiest water ever

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bello bottle.

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Improve your health

without plastic.

Improve your health and vitality with our mineral water.  

Bello Solutions is a start-up specializing in home-water purification and mineralization. Bello believes that we should not need to choose between individual health and global sustainability.

Our water purifier not only eliminates all contaminants, but also allows you to customize the water minerality to your needs and desires.
Our goal is to provide pure and personalized water whilst combating the widely used plastic bottles.

The Bello Family

pure water enhanced with 

minerals,vitamins and flavors


The future of drinking water.

Purify, mineralize, and flavor your tap water at home.

No plastic bottles.

Improve your health

Healthy water

Make the purest water

Save the planet from plastic bottles

Save the planet

from plastic

Non-reusable plastic is one of the biggest problems of this century. At Bello, we offer alternatives to reduce our environmental foot print.

Improve my health

Our body is made up of 60 to 70% water; water regulates all aspects of our health. Improve your memory, concentration, skin, and overall energy by drinking high-quality water. 

No compromise.

We believe that you shouldn't have to choose between what's healthy for your body and what's sustainable for the planet.  

We believe in a better future where we can improve life and remove single use plastic. 

What are you waiting ?

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